Felipe's Resume

Felipe de Oliveira Lourenço

Auckland - New Zealand


I'm interested in software development, testing and always looking to learn about the best practices of software development.


Centro Universitário - Católica de Santa Catarina

Joinville, SC, Brazil

  • Bachelor of Engineering - Software Engineering
  • 2017 / 2021

Love working with

Software development in general, software testing, unit testing.

Also Like

Full Stack development and always learning new things.


Languages: C#, Javascript

Databases: SQL Server

Libs / Frameworks: VueJs, ReactJs, NextJs, xUnit, Moq, Cypress, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Fluent Validation, MediatR

Platforms and Tools: Git, Azure DevOps, Heroku

Others: CI/CD, APIs REST, Scrum, Kanban, CQRS


Full-Stack Developer / Fulltech LTDA / Joinville, SC, Brazil

  • Fulltech is a Fintech focused on the development and application of financial solutions for companies and entrepreneurs. The company works together with BMP Money Plus, a digital bank based in São Paulo. As a company, Fulltech guarantees the appropriate technology and infrastructure so that all operations are performed correctly.
  • The Fullstack developer position given to me involves working directly on the main product, where various financial operations take place. When I joined the company, I worked on system maintenance, fixing bugs or minor changes reported in addition to Kanban and Scrum methodology to align the activities.
  • Mar. 2020 / current

Full-Stack Developer / Docspider Software S.A / Joinville, SC, Brazil

  • Docspider Software is a consolidated company that has been in the market for over 30 years. The company is specialised in technologies and services for regulatory governance, compliance, document management and automation process for business.
  • As Fullstack Developer I was responsible for working on the main product of the company. The activities were carried out through the Kanban methodology using TFS (TeamFoundation Service). I used to work on the development of new features and helped with the system's maintenance.
  • Sep. 2018 / Mar. 2020

Full-Stack Developer / Webtech Technology of Information - WTTI Systems / Joinville, SC, Brazil

  • WTTI Systems has been operating in the market since 2007, to provide management solutions for companies, act directly in the routine of its customers so that they have greater confidence in their business, increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • The position of Fullstack Developer at WTTI Systems was my first job in the technology area. When I started working in the company, I was given the responsibility of developing new features and also working on system maintenance. For this role, I've used the following tech stack: Web Form Asp.Net , C#, HTML, and CSS.
  • Mar. 2018 / Sep. 2018


Portuguese: Native

English: Intermediary